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Welcome to The Rum Runner

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

A carefully crafted recipe of the finest tiki cocktails & modern galleries.

Welcome! My name's Jake and I am a professional photographer, musician, and lover of tropical tiki tranquility! This will be where you will find my favorite tiki cocktail recipes, music and photography equipment lists, and musings on life.

A little bit about myself...

I started playing as a professional Piano Bar player before I was old enough to be a customer at the places I was playing. I take requests and play every genre and decade from Frank Sinatra to Brittney Spears. My favorite things to play are both Elton John and crooner style jazz classics.

I am also a professional photographer. Most of my work is centered around businesses and content creation related to product and model photography or real estate and vacation rental promotion.

Lastly, I have been a bartender and also worked in luxury aviation, two such industries that go perfectly hand in hand and rounding out all of my interests life. Having the opportunity to manage a bar, design cocktail menus and share amazing experience with guests is something I find incredibly entertaining. This passion for entertaining people and luxury service was also extended into managing a private airline and getting to form amazing relationships with those clients while helping provide my teams with the tools and excitement to create unique and personalized experiences for each and every individual that they were in contact with.

Overall, I often have to explain to people, my passion really comes from creating incredible experiences for others and showing them something really cool, whether it be through playing their favorite song in a way they've never heard, creating an incredible cocktail or even an incredible environment or experience. Thank you for sharing my passion for unique experiences.

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