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Top 3 Hotels in Prague, Czech Republic

I absolutely fell in love with Prague. I arrived at night into the Prague airport and rode into the city in a quiet cab. Out the window was the background of gothic architecture all beautifully lit up for the evening. It was hard to not feel like I was in the beginning of some classic spy movie as I had never seen anything like this in my life.

The Residences - Hotel Emblem

The first place I stayed really was a surprise as to how amazing it actually was. The Residences of Emblem, which meant check in was at the Hotel Emblem about a block away and the front desk staff walked us to our room which was in Old Town Square. When I say "in Old Town Square", I mean our window opened to the square and I sat on the windowsill with some Czech champagne looking at the Astronomical clock. Pretty unreal experience for the first night in this beautiful city. The room itself was amazing, very tall ceilings with beautiful chandeliers, big bathroom with soaking tub, two showers, two sinks, a desk, large couch with coffee table and a super comfy bed looking out the window into the square. The large windows were able to be opened and were the perfect place to set a bottle of champagne to chill in the cold winter air.

This hotel was under $150/night and in my opinion was an absolute steal! Beautiful, clean, large and far above your average hotel room. Not to mention the walkability factor being that you are literally staying in the square.

The Hotel Emblem (Library Suite)

While this is the same place that I checked in for the residences, I did not come back until it was time to check in for the Library Suite a few days later. However, this lobby continued the theme of the sexy spy movie motif. It is beautifully decorated in an intriguing yet warm and very unique style. The staff is in full suits and is incredibly professional and friendly. Next to the front desk check in there is a sunken library seating area with a fireplace and unique mid century modern esq furniture and art. The Library suite is so poorly advertised on their website. The website really just shows off the brass soaking tub. Which, is something to show off and was such a nice luxury at the end of the bed. However, the website does not give you a full look at the whole suite. There is an entryway and half bath which leads into another vogue style warm library seating area with two full walls of books. The library features a nice big coffee table and coffee nook as well as comfortable seating and a fireplace with some high windows that let in just enough daylight. One of the bookcases is a hidden doorway that slides away to reveal a passageway into the bedroom with the beautiful brass tub. There is a large bathroom area and comfy bed, with more seating, robes, and skylights.

This room is a place to book and spend some time hanging out in. It is just so comfortable with all of the dark colors and tones in the wood as well as the brass fixtures throughout. This would be a perfect staycation kind of room or a place to hangout and take a break in the middle of your European vacation. A place to really relish in some quiet and relaxation. This room also gives you access to some more incredibly furnished areas in the bottom and top floors of the hotel including a cigar room, game room, and paid entrance to the spa.

The Hotel Paris (Tower Suite)

This hotel takes the cake for coolest place I have ever stayed. I really don't say that lightly. I have stayed in some incredible places around the world and this is by far the most unique and amazing room and experience I have ever had. The Tower Suite from what I understand is somewhat hard to get a booking for and I was fortunate enough to secure one for some of the dates that I was in town. Prague is known as the city of spires because it is full of gothic architecture and all around the city the buildings have these beautiful towers and spires. This hotel room once again had some pretty good pictures on the website but still nothing really showing off its true potential. I bring this up because it made for a beautiful surprise when I arrived because I didn't really know what to expect. Enough about the logistics, we checked in and they were so incredibly friendly and nice. The most professional style of service where it was exclusively Mr. and Mrs. greetings paired with the attitude of 'sir is there absolutely anything we can do to make you more comfortable or brighten your day.' We were given the property and stay details and real metal keys to our room took the elevator up and opened to the door to immediately see an entryway and narrow spiral staircase which lead into the main room above. Awaiting us in the room was a great bottle of Czech champagne on ice and some amazing homemade chocolate truffles from their restaurant downstairs paired with a handwritten card. The room had a full walk in coat closet, numerous seating and conversation areas and a whole room audio system with speakers in every room including the closet, bathroom and tower area. There was a full bar chest with all of the glassware you could need to throw a party. The bed faced a circular window looking out towards old town square. Off of the main room, the bathroom was the size of most normal hotel rooms with heated tile floors, two oversized sinks, two person soaking tub, large walk in glass rainfall shower and toilet with separate bidet. All of the fixtures were antique style and in perfect clean and polished condition. In the middle of the main room there was a metal spiral staircase leading up into the exposed beam ceiling.

Once you climbed up, you were officially in the tower. A full 360° view of the city with big glass windows all the way around and a low velvet couch with another bar sporting more glassware and necessary bar accessories. One of the glass window panels was a door that opened to a full wraparound balcony where you could walk around and admire the city and checkout the metal gargoyles on the roof of the tower. This tower was at the same height and only a few hundred yards (less than a city block) from Prašná brána. This is the gate to the city and people pay admission to walk to the top and look around and this hotel room has that same view and vantage point. This was such an amazing room to hangout and enjoy, it came with everything you could need, good snacks, good Czech champagne and the best views around.


While I am calling this the top three hotels to stay in Prague, this is actually based on where I spent a huge amount of time researching and then ended up staying. I am sure there are more fantastic hotels and I look forward to seeing them on my next visit!

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