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Maui 2024 

What's included

... Basically Everything

The Experience Overview

Our Goal: you leave with the tools to start your career as a photographer & a new network of friends to be supported by and collaborate with. This is us answering the questions we both get constantly of 'how do I do what you do? I want to travel and take pictures like you...' Well here you go, come see how we both do it. You will surround yourself with other like minded growing photographers interested in travel, adventure and photography / videography work. You will have the chance to not only shoot in one of the most picturesque islands in the entire world you will have TWO professionals in the industry to help guide you through leveling up your skills, capturing awesome content, branding yourself and showing you around all of the hidden secret spots that you would never find on your own or even a private tour (which normally cost hundreds of dollars per person for a few hours). Both of us travel the world consistently and work as professional photographer / videographers for big name clients.

The Details :

Included items : Accommodations, all tours and private events, model fees, transportation via two convertible rental cars, 1:1 photo/video review and coaching workshops. 3 dinners, 3 breakfasts and 2 snacks for mid day adventures, including cocktail hours with dinner. Not Included :  Airfare, any travel or accommodation expense outside of the dates we are hosting.  ​

Find your squad, level up your skills, while you build your brand and 
take pictures with unique styled shoots in one of the most remote island chains in the world 

With a group of 10 people it will be perfectly 

tailored towards you

The Experience

Friday May 24th

Saturday May 25th

Day 1

Sunday May 26th 

Day 2

Monday May 27th

- Fly into Maui Airport (ogg) which is where your maui photography retreat will officially begin. We will be renting both a convertible jeep and convertible sports car and be picking you up with the group to take you to the Airbnb.  - Monday Evening we will take everyone to the beach for the first maui sunset and we will end the day with tapas, cocktails and a quick rundown of the weekends plans while we get to know everyone and start with a couple general basics for the unique situations we will be shooting.

- Get picked up in a convertible at the airport head to the airbnb, go over photo basics and first night meet & greet with tapas and cocktails  

- We will get everyone up to have breakfast and start heading into the days adventures. We will be exploring some of the best remote, hidden and hard to find spots in the Maui Jungle including waterfalls, beautiful bamboo Forrests, groves of rainbow eucalyptus, black sand beaches and even some great rope swings and cliff jumping.  All of these spots are some of the most picturesque photo locations in the world.  - Afternoon will be free editing time at the pool.  - Sunset #2  - Dinner will be a full private chef dinner made with locally sourced ingredients directly from Maui farmers at the farmers market.  -After Dinner will be photo review and we can go through the content captured and give pointers and guidance on questions that came up

- Explore the Jungle and waterfalls with great natural picutre locations, end the day with private chefs dinner photo review & coaching

- The start of our Sunday will be a snorkeling boat tour with potential for whale watching as well. This will be an amazing opportunity to take great travel content out on a boat while also getting to do a fun adventure. Snorkeling in Hawaii is like getting to swim in the coolest aquarium you've ever been to.  - After Snorkeling we are going to take you to one of the most amazing jungle valleys in the entire Hawaiian islands where we will have more photo opportunities as well as a private yoga class.  - In the afternoon and early evening will be time to edit and get prepared for a sunset styled beach shoot with models. This will give you the opportunity to build your portfolio and experience.

- Snorkel Boat Tour and Photos, jungle valley adventure and private yoga mindfulness session ending the day with a sunset model styled beach shoot

Retreat concludes and you may continue your adventure on your own throughout Maui and the rest of the islands! 

Jake Carter

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Jake is a professional photographer and dueling piano bar player. He has a passion for exploring all of the best kept secrets around the world and believes that everyone that truly wants to, can live a beautiful adventurous and fully fulfilled life. Jake is currently based in Maui Hawaii. His photography is focused towards professional business clients, including activewear, swimwear, luxury real estate, resort and rentals. His photos have been used by companies such as Disney, San Lorenzo, Hyatt, Georgia boots, Vacasa and he has shot alongside many internationally recognized photographers as well as internationally recognized and published models.  


F. David Green

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The most bad ass of bad asses to ever bad ass. 

We can't wait to meet you!
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